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International scholarships


100 international PhD scholarships — supporting research on two continents

The University of Nottingham is offering full PhD scholarships to talented individuals who wish to pursue careers developing world-changing energy technologies and finding new ways to harness the digital economy.
Applications are now being accepted for the scholarships, worth about £60,000 (about ¥600,000 or US$100,000). Scholarships include full fees, accommodation on campus and a living allowance.
Successful applicants will have the opportunity to conduct their PhD research on two continents, working under the guidance of world authorities in their fields.
PhD students will have two supervisors, one at The University of Nottingham in the UK and the other at its branch campus in Ningbo, China, and will spend the first year of the PhD programme at the UK campus.
They will be based at the University’s International Doctoral Innovation Centre, which has committed to training at least 100 research leaders to play key roles in transforming, inventing and implementing technologies to address China’s national priorities.
A unique opportunity

The Centre has fully-funded programmes to establish long-term international collaborative research projects involving The University of Nottingham in the UK and China and Chinese universities. The Centre’s PhD students are expected to contribute to research outputs that include publications in peer-reviewed journals and the development of patentable intellectual property.
Professor Hai-Sui Yu, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of International Campuses, said: "This is a unique opportunity for highly talented individuals from anywhere in the world who aspire to fast-paced careers at the cutting edge of global scientific discovery.
"We have sustained our investments in the best researchers, state-of-the-art facilities, systems and policies in order to provide high quality, flourishing and creative research environments on all our campuses.”
Professor Yu said the University emphasises multidisciplinary approaches to finding solutions to the globe’s biggest challenges.
"The members of our academic community endeavour to produce world-changing research by turning their talents and abilities to problems and challenges which affect people on a wide scale,” he said.
Professor Yu noted that the Centre’s energy-related environmental research will target strategically important regional and nationwide environmental problems and their solutions.
The University is offering at least 12 scholarships in themes relevant to those with a degree background in subjects such as chemical, mechanical, environmental or materials engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics or geology, he said.
A new breed of experts

Professor Yu said at least another 12 scholarships would be awarded to PhD students who want to make their mark in realising the full potential of the digital economy.
"This area requires a new breed of technological experts and business leaders equipped with multidisciplinary scientific and technological expertise as well as communications and project management skills,” he said.   
The University is interested in applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds including computer science, engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, psychology, sociology, business, geography, social science and the arts.
"Our research covers many digital and computational technological areas including: artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery; computational finance and business information systems; human computer interaction and human factors; mobile, ubiquitous and location-aware computing; and optimisation and operational research.
"We are developing new technologies and solutions addressing challenges including logistics and transportation, culture, entertainment and tourism, and energy,” added Professor Yu.
International excellence

Professor Gethin Wyn Roberts, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, said: "We have invested strategically in our research infrastructure, so that our scientists and engineers are supported in their work.
"We have fully equipped laboratories and other facilities in our new Science and Engineering Building and other university properties and a well-developed administrative infrastructure providing an essential backbone to our research activities,” he said.
Although research is a major focus of The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, delivering an internationally excellent education remains a priority.
Professor Roberts: "Our academics bring their research into the classroom, exposing students to the latest ideas and discoveries.
"Our undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are relevant for modern business and industry and that fully prepare them for their future careers,” he said.
Applications for PhD scholarships offered by the International Doctoral Innovation Centre close at the end of April.
For more information about PhD scholarship opportunities in the field of energy, please contact Dr Tao Wu> . Or, contact Dr Ruibin Bai, if you are interested in finding out more about the University’s digital economy research.
To apply for a scholarship from the International Doctoral Innovation Centre, send your CV with a covering letter of application entitled ‘China IDIC’ to Peter Chen ( at the University’s Graduate School. For more about all our PhD scholarship opportunities, visit our Graduate School website.