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Jobs at BMC


BMC Software, a leading Business Service Management software company, has launched the latest round of its market leading Post Graduate programme with the intention to run the program for its second year in October 2012. 

The programme offers a full time employee position, intense career development training and an accelerated path into the commercial side of the business, followed by a placement in one of nine offices across the world, at a highly competitive salary.

Starting with hands on training including legal, marketing, operations, accounting, finance, best practice and customer support, successful graduates will undergo a personal development course followed by development around how to build, implement and run their own sales campaign.  In the final phase graduates will run their own sales campaigns before being promoted to a front office position.

The purpose of the programme is to hire Post Graduates with the aptitude and qualities needed to become incredibly effective business consultancy focused sales executives.  With eight hires already on their way to completing the program, BMC will take on a further 20 in 2012. BMC is committing considerable investment in the new hires and training them in sales consultancy, whilst exposing them to the key business considerations of multinational companies. 

The programme involves five phases with cross departmental development, enablement and campaign experience and development phases from months one to three and campaign execution and promotion from the programme during months four to six.

According to Eric Lightfoot, a recent LSE post graduate who joined in 2011, "BMC’s post graduate program offers a development track to a sales consulting role. Intelligent, driven people are rewarded and recognised, creating an atmosphere of limitless potential. If you are smart, driven, want to learn and love people, BMC is the place for you.”

BMC spokesperson said, "This programme is incredibly valuable because we are offering the most in-depth commercial experience and training investment available within a post graduate training context.  Graduates will learn not how to sell but how to be a trusted business consultant who delivers real value to our customers.”

Applications for the 2012 programme must be submitted by March 10th following last month’s networking event. Successful candidates will then be invited to a half day assessment event in London between April and August.

With over 6,000 employees worldwide, BMC operates in more than 124 countries and serves over 15,000 global organisations For additional information about BMC’s Post Graduate Programme please contact BMC contacts or