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Space Conference


In partnership with the International Space University (ISU), Explore Mars, Inc. is presenting the International Space Station and Mars Conference at the Boeing Auditorium at the ISU Central Campus in Strasbourg, France on April 12-13, 2012.
This conference will discuss how ISS can be utilized to advance the goal of sending humans beyond Low Earth Orbit - specifically to Mars.   "A lot of great concepts were discussed during our 2011 ISS and Mars programming," stated Explore Mars Executive Director, Chris Carberry. "The Strasbourg conference will be a perfect venue to move these discussions forward and start developing a more comprehensive plan on how these concepts can be achieved."
This conference will feature experts from the ISS international partnership, industry, planetary exploration, and other key players in the space community.  Confirmed and tentative speakers include, Reinhold Ewald (ESA; astronaut), James Garvin (NASA), Berndt Feuerbacher (International Astronautical Federation), Walter Peeters (ISU), Franklin Chang Diaz (Ad Astra Rocket; former NASA astronaut), Michael Raftery (Boeing),  Sam Scimemi (NASA), Michael Menking (Astrium), and many others.
In addition, Strasbourg was also chosen because it is the seat of the European Parliament and the conference will highlight the importance of space for advancing science and technology.
"Space has the potential to attract students to Science and Technology", according to Explore Mars president, Artemis Westenberg, "and to encourage them to pick science and engineering for their work careers, something Europe as a whole can use very well to stay innovative and competitive in our ever more technological world."
Topics will include,
- What are the challenges to human exploration of Mars?
- ISS as a test bed Missions beyond LEO and on to Mars.
- Transitioning from ISS to Exploration
- What projects can be launched in the next 2-8 years in Cis-Lunar Space
- Moving Beyond LEO: What missions can be accomplished in the next 10-20 years?
- The ISS Partnership as a governance model for international human missions beyond LEO and eventually to Mars.
According to Dr. Chris Welch, ISU Masters Programs Director: "The ISS and Mars project is exactly the sort of innovative and forward-thinking activity that ISU exists to support and promote. ISU is, therefore, extremely pleased to be partnering with Explore Mars to bring the ISS and Mars conference to Europe and looks forward to welcoming participants to Strasbourg in April 2012."
On the evening of 12 April, ISS and Mars Conference delegates will join with other guests at an International Space University gala reception to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding. The reception will also be part of the "Yuri's Night," the annual international celebration marking the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight into space in 1961.

To register for ISS Mars-Europe, please visit the conference registration site at: