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How to find a PR job online


How to find a PR job online 64 years ago, in February 1948, London was the venue for the initial meeting between professionals keen to discuss forming an official association between PR professionals and journalists – founding the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
Since then, the PR industry has continued to thrive and remains one of the most competitive job markets for those seeking employment. Nowadays, it is the online realm that perhaps offers the biggest opportunity for this market - but that doesn’t mean PR jobs are easy to find.
The internet is undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the modern world and offers a wealth of information and mediums that need to be utilised for successful career hunting. One of the most common ways for businesses to interact and even recruit nowadays is online – with agencies and even social media being used to facilitate the process.
The rise of social media is perhaps one of the quickest borne phenomena of our time, with millions of users logging on daily. For businesses, the social realm is another marketing opportunity – the perfect platform from which to advertise products, services and even job opportunities.
Within the recruitment process itself, social media once again comes into play. It is not unheard of for applications to be made across these platforms or for candidates to be ‘vetoed’ by checking the service. Posting the wrong thing on social feeds has already cost some people their jobs and in some cases may stop you from getting the job in the first place.
This doesn’t mean that the services should be abandoned by job hunters; merely that those looking for a Public Relations career should make sure they use them wisely. As someone who is looking for a job which involves high levels of contact and communication you need to demonstrate your skills and capabilities and social networks are perhaps the best places to do this.
Maximising your chances
Of course, with so many different networks out there, finding a PR job online means you need to be prevalent across all available platforms. LinkedIn is often quoted as the popular business network but it is far from the only option. Twitter and other services such as Focus should also be utilised to achieve maximum potential.
To think of it metaphorically, social feeds and websites are like small pathways that map the internet. If you are responsible for creating or contributing to more than one of them then more roads will lead back to you.
This can help establish you as reputable source of information, allowing you to appear an expert in your field. This can increase the amount of online activity which you generate and are a part of giving yourself a clear identity within the public realm which is sure to be welcomed by any PR employer.
Knowledge and experience
When looking for your ideal PR job you should ensure that your online presence is ready beforehand and remember that online job applications can be just as effective as traditional ones.
The important thing to bear in mind is that all employers look for a combination of knowledge and experience. By demonstrating this across digital realms you are not only improving your chances of landing a job but you are also demonstrating your affinity with this technology too.