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Jobs in Lithuania


Martynas: My name is Martynas Barkauskas, I am from Lithuania, I am 19. I work at the company « A healthy idea » which is a part of Arvi group, a parent company in charge of the company’s corporate social responsibility image.

Actually I didn’t expect to find a job so quickly this year. But because I spent the last few summers working,

I had some contacts at the youth work office. They invited me to attend a seminar where business people from Marijampole presented their firms. There I made contacts and later in the summer I wrote to a few of them.

One of them offered me a job. I organise events, I write projects, I prepare press releases and I do other similar work. I am free and I can work

at home or wherever I want. What’s important is to do the job.

I think that the Job Centre in Lithuania is the institution that can really help you find a job.


Public Employment Services provide:

- Information and advice to young people on jobs.

- Job fairs for young people to meet the SMEs.

- Workshop for CV writing and preparation for jobs interviews.

Martynas : There I gained knowledge on how to communicate with businessmen and even how to start my own business.