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INRA is recruiting 51 scientists


INRA is recruiting 51 scientists in 2012

In the context of its recruitment campaign for 2012, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) is launching a major drive to fill 51 Junior Research Scientist posts, for which candidates are invited to apply between 26 January and 28 February 2012. INRA is the leading agricultural research institute in Europe and ranks second in the world in this field, and is offering young scientists an opportunity to join an organisation that lies at the heart of the challenges of global food security.


INRA research is guided by evolutions in scientific questions and is driven by the planetary challenges posed by food, agriculture and the environment in an era of major change. 
Indeed, never have the pointers of agriculture been so much and simultaneously mobile.  Climate change requires the adaptation of crops while it favours the emergence of new diseases or pests.  The world's population continues to grow: 7 billion people today, 9 billion in 2050. Fossil resources such as oil are diminishing at the same time as agricultural land (the area of which is also shrinking) that needs to be used for other purposes (CO2 storage).  Developing countries are changing their dietary habits which thus impacts agricultural demand.

Thus more than ever, by recruiting new talents, INRA needs to produce fundamental knowledge upon which innovations and know-how for society can be based.

Scientists to respond to the challenges of the future

The 51 posts on offer this year cover numerous disciplines: biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics, physiology, endocrinology, microbiology, infectious diseases, ecology, environmental sciences, quantitative genetics, agronomy, plant sciences, livestock sciences, mathematics, statistics, sociology, economics, etc.
Future INRA scientists, holding a PhD or its equivalent, will already have defended a thesis, valorised by publications.  Thus, by joining the Institute, they will place their knowledge at the service of INRA's major orientations.  In addition to their expertise, candidates are expected to be open-minded, adaptable and enjoy working in a team.  In view of the global scale of the challenges faced, a real international culture is also essential.

51 posts to be filled in France…

Research Units Number of posts to be filled
Versailles-Grignon 11
Jouy-en-Josas 8
Toulouse 6
Clermont-Ferrand - Theix-  Lyon 5
Paca 4
Angers - Nantes 3
Dijon 3
Rennes 3
Bordeaux - Aquitaine 2
Montpellier 2
Tours 2
Nancy 1
Orléans 1


… by scientists from throughout the world

The recruitment process set up by INRA is indeed focused on international activities.  The Institute publicises its announcements on all continents in order to offer opportunities for scientists from throughout the world to join its staff.

"The excellence of the scientists recruited today will determine our ability tomorrow to face up to the major challenges of research in food, agriculture and the environment" explains Thierry Boujard, deputy HR Director at INRA.


Phases in the INRA recruitment process:

• 1st  phase: from 26/01/12 to 28/02/12
Candidates submit their application package.
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• 2nd phase: shortlisting: April-May 2012
Selection boards assess the application packages received.

• 3rd phase: final selection: June-July 2012
Selection boards interview shortlisted candidates.

• 4th phase: as from July 2012
Successful candidates take up their jobs.