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British fuel poverty


British fuel poverty December, London – reports rapid rise in British people taking second jobs in order to pay for winter fuel bills and overcome fuel poverty. ( – Europe’s biggest online business marketplace – today reported a 54 percent rise in British workers joining the site in the last month to earn extra money to heat their homes this winter. Most admit that the rise in the price of energy bills is causing anxiety and many are worried about how they will pay to heat their homes this winter. has also seen a rise of 90 percent in the number of second-job workers over the last six months. Over the past 12 months the figure is up 177 percent.
The figures also show that working virtually online to earn extra money is paying off. Figures from the site show that there has been a 730 percent increase in earnings by people signing up to supplement their income in the last 12 months (£224,135 vs £27,003).
There has been an overall 568 percent increase in earnings through the site in the last 12 months and an 160 percent increase or 53,000 people, registering overall on the site in the last 12 months.
Usman Bashir from London joined the site recently to earn money for the winter. "I already have a job but I need to earn extra money through PeoplePerHour in order to pay for my utility bills. I am very worried about heating my home this winter. My last bill, which was for the summer, was £300. I shudder to think how high it will be this winter,” he said.
"Our figures show that British people are beginning to look for extra money now in order pay for an increase in energy bills this winter,” said Xenios Thrasyvoulou, CEO and Founder of
"The recent news of energy companies making excessive profits has made people anxious about how they will afford to heat their homes this winter. People remember how cold is was last winter and combined with rises in the price of electricity and gas, are seriously concerned that they need more money to pay for their fuel bills.
The British people are already making sacrifices in this age of austerity. Now they are having to undertake two jobs to afford what should be a basic human right – the right to warmth.