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Executive Education programme


Executive Education programme Durham Business School launches new executive programme with flexibility and specialisation

Durham Business School has launched a new executive education programme for 2012. The programme gives individuals the option of taking one of the six modules from the standard MBA, offering students greater flexibility and more specialisation on skills that are relevant to their needs.

The six courses programme is designed to equip those taking part with a set of practical tools and frameworks that can be implemented immediately back in the workplace to deliver high-impact benefits to their organisation. Each course is delivered in a three-day residential format and facilitated by leading members of Durham Business School (DBS) faculty.

The courses will begin in April 2012 and are all aimed at middle-to-senior executives from a broad range of industries and sectors, with a minimum of five years experience.

The six courses available include:

Change Management (12 to 14 April 2012): This course is designed to equip senior managers with an effective toolkit of skills and techniques in order to facilitate change in an organisation.
Crisis Management (17 to 19 May 2012): Delegates will be placed under pressure to resolve an unfolding crisis over three days. The course gives the practical framework for developing and implementing an effective business continuity management plan.
Delivering Service Excellence (28 to 30 June 2012): The course equips delegates with the skills needed to successfully develop innovative service design, delivery and recovery plans.
Strategic Marketing (26 to 28 July 2012): This course offers intensive engagement with some of the major aspects of strategic marketing.
Scenario Thinking (23 to 25 August 2012): In this highly interactive course, delegates are invited to challenge conventional ways of thinking and build a range of scenarios to aid strategic decision-making.
Globalising Strategic Management (27 to 29 September 2012): This course offers a comprehensive overview of the concepts and practices related to managing in a globally volatile, complex, dynamic environment.

Dr. Mike Nicholson, who leads DBS Executive Education, says: "This is an excellent way for people to focus on a specific topic, over a three day period. This will give them greater flexibility and the knowledge and practical skills to go back to work and use it straightaway.”

In addition to this UK-based programme, from January 2012 and in partnership with BEO Ltd and Durham University, the Business School will be running an eight-week pre-Masters programme to around 40 BEO managers in Japan. Aimed at those might be considering  undertaking the School’s Global MBA or part-time MA programmes, key DBS faculty members will deliver weekly lectures. This is the first time any Durham course has been delivered "live" in this way and it's a major step forward in the development of the University's blended-learning capabilities.