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Job opportunities in Australia


Australia desperate to recruit skilled British Workers

The Australian government is actively searching for skilled workers to move down under.
Recent reports have shown there are desperate shortages of workers in key locations. In West Australia, 240,000 new skilled workers are needed by 2017, with accountants, IT workers and miners in short supply.
Jay Weatherill, the premier of South Australia has also stated that 160,000 workers will be needed in the next five years to meet the demands of their growing economy with 30,000 of these would require technology and science training.
Paul Arthur Director of leading emigration advisors The Emigration Group said: "With the recession in the UK and unemployment at an all time high, a career in Australia has never been a better option. Australia is desperate for skilled workers and have even put changes in place to immigration laws to help speed up the process for Brits looking to emigrate down under."
Paul advises that the criteria Australia is looking for are migrants who are qualified and experienced in industries such as health, engineering, automotive, construction, electrical and mechanical trades.
He added: "Working in Australia is a totally different environment to the UK, there is more of a positive environment, less stress and everyone working together to try and help the economy to keep growing.
Australia is the most popular destination for Brits to emigrate with over 1 million people born in the UK estimated to live there numbers are expected to rise dramatically in the next few years.
Since 1992, The Emigration Group has helped thousands of UK residents to achieve their dream of a new life Down Under, providing a complete migration package which includes visa preparation and management, job search and resettlement services.
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