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Bilingual opportunities for graduates


Bilingual opportunities for graduates FDM Group supports graduates by offering bilingual opportunities

The UK's largest IT graduate employer and international IT services provider, FDM Group, has just announced a surge in the number of bilingual job vacancies it has available and firmly believes in the benefits of taking on these roles.
FDM is currently calling for English speaking graduates with a technical background and a second language of French, Cantonese, Mandarin, German or Polish to apply for the various job roles it has available.  
The 'Best Technical Graduate Recruiter' of 2010 strongly supports the belief that bilingual opportunities can offer graduates the chance to gain the experience that will provide them with a competitive edge over other university leavers.
FDM Group Recruitment Manager, Madeleine Field, said, "Due to the need to associate ideas and objects with a set of words from two or more languages simultaneously, bilingual and multilingual workers often develop a flexible and creative way of thinking. This is an attractive quality for employers and candidates who have taken on these roles will often be favoured over monolingual jobseekers.'
FDM Group is seeking to alert graduates to the fact that bilingual work does not only centre around translating, interpreting and teaching.
Madeleine Field went on to say, "Graduates are often deterred from bilingual roles because they don't want to go into the fields associated with these particular positions. However at FDM we feel it's important to let bilingual graduates know that we can offer them the chance to work within the field of IT, finance and sales.'
The company is currently recruiting Cantonese and Mandarin speaking graduates to work within the thriving city state of Hong Kong as well as Singapore, within IT and sales.
A number of French speaking IT graduates will also have the opportunity to work in Luxembourg and across Europe for one or more of the firm's prestigious clients, including financial and software firms.
Applicants to the firm's Frankfurt Academy must speak fluent English and German and often have the opportunity to work in the UK as well as other European countries including Switzerland.
As part of its latest effort to support bilingual graduates, the firmly established employer has also extended its recruitment drive to Poland and is offering native graduates the opportunity to work both in their home country as well as the UK and Germany.
Not only will these roles allow chosen candidates to develop their bilingual skills, but working abroad could also provide graduates with a distinct advantage by building on their sense of independence, communication skills and ability to adapt to new environments.
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Bilingual opportunities for graduates