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IT jobs in Poland


IT jobs in Poland  FDM Group extends recruitment drive and service area to Poland
The UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, is extending both its recruitment drive and service area to Poland due to the Eastern European country’s thriving IT market and high graduate unemployment rate.
The ‘Best Technical Graduate Recruiter’ of 2010 recently attended the Warsaw University of Technology Fair and was impressed with the quality of graduates present, as well as the country’s thriving IT industry.
According to the latest data gathered by European market information company PMR, the value of the IT market in Poland increased by 5.8% in 2010.

The company’s 2011 report also predicted a double-digit growth of more than 10% this year and found that "
the global financial crisis had a limited impact on the Polish economy and was not a shake-up for the Polish IT market”.
These positive results and predictions coupled with the rising trend of the "nearshoring” of IT services from the UK to Eastern Europe has prompted FDM Group to explore the new territory.

FDM Group CEO, Rod Flavell, said "As a market that has successfully withstood the economic downturn and begun to show impressive signs of positive growth, the Polish IT industry promises a wealth of possibilities for us as an international IT services provider.”
As a company that has aided 3,000 graduates in their quest to bridge the gap between university and employment, FDM Group is also seeking to extend its support to Polish graduates.
Due to the high influx of fresh graduates into the country’s poor labour market, graduate unemployment remains exceptionally high in Poland.
Graduates from some of the country’s finest universities even struggle to find appropriate full time work, particularly within the finance and banking sectors.  
FDM Group is renowned for its award-winning graduate scheme which offers individuals the ability to kick-start their IT careers by supplying a unique combination of industry centred training and real commercial experience.
Importantly the vast majority of the firm’s portfolio of 200 prestigious clients lies within the financial sector and FDM IT Consultants are regularly placed within world famous corporations such as UBS, HSBC, Credit Suisse, RBS, Barclays and Deutsche Bank.
FDM Recruitment Manager, Madeleine Field, said, "There are clearly some very talented and qualified graduates in Poland who deserve the opportunity to work within the thriving IT industry as well as the financial sector. Unfortunately due to the state of the country’s job market, Polish graduates are just not gaining access to these roles. Our aim is to eventually support these graduates by offering them a route into these industries within Poland, as well as opening up doors for them in the UK and Germany.”