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Dual PhD in European Studies


Dual PhD in European Studies

On the basis of a research and teaching cooperation which has been ongoing since 2007, we now offer a Dual PhD programme in the broad area of European and Global Studies. This dual PhD is jointly delivered and awarded by Lancaster University and the University of Siegen in Germany.

You will be supervised by one supervisor from Lancaster and one from Siegen, and graduate with two degrees, one from each university, on the basis of one thesis. PhD theses can be in the area of European and Global Studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, History, Law, Linguistics, German/English/French Studies, Media/Film/Cultural Studies, Applied Social Sciences, Contemporary Art, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

You will spend half of your studies in each of the two countries, and fees will be split accordingly. As UK fees are considerably higher than German ones, this is a rare opportunity to take a British doctoral degree without paying the usual fees. In both Lancaster and Siegen, you will take part and be integrated in specialised and active research groups such as Lancaster University's Research Group on Europe and Globalisation. We will provide you with an outstanding intellectual environment that will support you in proceeding successfully with your individual research project.

Please visit the University of Siegen website for more information.


You will need a good MA degree and be interested in researching a topic which is directly related to Europe and Globalisation. Please note: this programme is run in English, i.e. German language knowledge is not a requirement.

Please send the following to Ms Maria Frindte at University of Siegen:

  • a project outline of 3000 words which should include a section on potential ethical issues
  • a time schedule for the three year period
  • a copy of your CV.

For informal inquiries please contact your potential supervisors Sophie Krossa and Christian Lahusen