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Jobs in the digital sector


Jobs in the digital sector reports rapid rise in the number of students winning work as consultants in the digital sector. – Europe’s biggest online business marketplace – today reported a 68 percent increase in the number of students securing work in the digital sector over the last 12 months.
The figures also reveal that these students are earning more than before as well with a 515 percent increase in the amount invoiced by students in the last year.
The new figures reveal that the most popular category is design (3D design and web design), which accounts for 37 percent of billing, followed by IT and Web programming (web development) securing 31 percent of billing, with Writing and Translation (translation and journalism) securing 22 percent of billing.
According to founder and CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou these latest figures show that tech-savvy students in the UK are exploiting new ways of working to secure jobs in the digital sector.
"Our figures show that students are embracing remote working through the internet to gain skills and earn income by becoming digital consultants,” says Thrasyvoulou. "In previous times students would have to spend their summer holidays working in a pub or in a factory gaining few long-term employable skills. But today thanks to remote working sites like students are able to become professionals quicker, by trading their skills online with employers.
"Not only do our figures show that the students are earning more money than before, but that working remotely and undertaking proper paid work is becoming a real alternative to expensive traditional internships.
"It is not surprising that students fed-up with being taken advantage of by big firms promising them the earth with fools’ gold internships are using their knowledge of technology to create their own remote internships, which not only provide real work but pay real money,” said Thrasyvoulou.