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Youth@Work Youth@Work to Create Jobs and Boost Entrepreneurship in the EU
- Industry experts and inspiring speakers brought together by Youth@Work for the ‘Manchester European Job Day’, Wednesday 9th November 2011, Manchester United Football Club, M16 0RA -

Information and training sessions to help Europe’s young people find high quality and sustainable jobs and promote youth entrepreneurship are currently being organised at job fairs across the EU and will be coming to Manchester next Wednesday 9th November 2011.

These interactive workshops encourage young people looking for work to consider the 23 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in Europe as potential employers, as well as stimulate budding young entrepreneurs to take the plunge and start their own business.

The sessions are organised as part of Youth@Work, an action that aims to build links between young people and SMEs and provide information and advice to young people interested in being self-employed.

Youth@Work is run by the European Commission and operates in close cooperation with the EURES Network and the national Public Employment Services (PES), which provide EU tools and programmes to help young people in their search for jobs or in setting up a business, including:

EURES - The European job mobility portal
Over one million online job offers can be found daily on the EURES portal, as well as information on learning opportunities throughout Europe. A network of EURES advisors around the EU also provides support and guidance to jobseekers interested in working in another Member States.

"Your first EURES job”
This is a new job mobility scheme that will become operational at the beginning of 2012. The purpose is to make it easier to fill ‘bottleneck’ vacancies across Europe. It will provide:
- Young people aged 18-30 with job opportunities abroad, as part of their career development; and
- Employers with the young, skilled and mobile workforce that they are looking for.
The scheme aims to match a young person interested in undertaking a work placement in another Member State with a business looking for young employees. Another advantage is that young jobseekers and SME employers can get financial support for their participation in this new mobility scheme.

Progress Microfinance

This EU initiative, launched in 2010, aims to increase the availability of microcredit (i.e. loans below EUR 25 000) for people interested in being self-employed or in setting up or developing a small business. It is open, but not restricted, to the unemployed or those who have taken time out of the labour market and have difficulty in accessing conventional credit. For more information, visit

Youth@Work is part of the Youth on the Move initiative. For more information on Youth@Work and the sessions organised across the EU, visit