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The benefits of a degree


The benefits of a degree FDM Group welcomes revelation that two thirds of graduates believe their degree helped them land their first job

A recent study conducted by revealed that two thirds of the employed graduates surveyed believed their degree had played an important part in securing them their first role.
These findings come at a time when the £9,000 limit for university fees has come under intense scrutiny and youth unemployment has reached record highs of almost one million.
As the UK’s largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group has welcomed these positive results and is urging prospective students to take note of the importance that is still being placed on a university education.
FDM Group Recruitment Manager, Madeleine Field, said, "We are delighted with these latest findings and strongly believe that the value of a university education should not be underestimated, even in these turbulent times. The degrees of the majority of our graduate employees have led them onto our graduate programme and into roles within some of the most prestigious companies in the world.”
However, despite the fact that more than a third of the surveyed graduates indicated that their degree had been indispensable to them, a reed representative also pointed out that a degree alone does not warrant instant access to many careers.
"Very few degrees equip graduates with the skills required to walk straight into a career”, he said.
FDM Group recognises this dilemma and actively works to help graduates bridge the gap between university and employment.
The company has helped over 3,000 IT graduates kick-start their IT careers, through a unique combination of industry centred training and real commercial experience.
FDM Group CEO, Rod Flavell, said, "At FDM we understand all too well that a degree is usually essential to landing a role for many young people. However, what is incredibly frustrating for graduates today is the fact that qualifications are now seldom enough. This is especially true for graduates seeking to break into the IT industry, as IT employers often require robust technical skills and commercial experience.”
FDM Group is recruiting 1,000 graduates this year alone, supporting them in their transition from academia to employment.
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