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TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program


TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program has been ranked 2nd in the world (100 programs are listed) by the Financial Times’ annual ranking of Executive MBA programs.


Each year, the Financial Times’ survey evaluates Executive MBA programs offered by business schools from all over the world. The study assesses the career progress of alumni three years after program completion, the academic excellence of the faculty, as well as the programs’ international scope.

Marking its 10-year anniversary, TRIUM ranked first in the world for "Aims Achieved,” a criteria that measures the extent to which alumni fulfilled their most important goals or reasons for pursuing an EMBA.  It also came first in "Work Experience", which measures the previous experience of EMBA participants by examining the seniority of positions held, the number of years in each position, the size of the company, and any international work experience prior to starting the EMBA.

According to Dean Peter Henry of NYU Stern School of Business, "Our TRIUM alliance equips senior executives to create value for their organizations in a world linked by economic, social and political forces.”  

Judith Rees, Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science, added: "TRIUM is an international success because its participants learn to think internationally and to combine rigorous academic standards with the drive and passion of their business lives as well as to address the economic, political and social contexts within which all business must operate. These are strengths that continue to be widely recognised and appreciated."

Dean Bernard Ramanantsoa of HEC Paris, also commented, saying: "Blending the complementary strengths of three premier universities, the TRIUM program builds a global network of successful and responsible business leaders. Since it began ten years ago, the value of the TRIUM program has been proven by the careers of our alumni, a success which is reflected by our ranking as 1
st in the world for ‘Aims Achieved.’”


For more information on TRIUM, please call +33 1 39 67 70 94 in Europe, +1 212 998 0442 in the U.S., or visit