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Tips to avoid graduate scheme scams


Tips to avoid graduate scheme scams FDM Academyís top tips to avoid graduate scheme scams

As youth unemployment reaches a record high of almost one million, the scope for graduates to be duped by graduate scheme scams has widened considerably.
The UKís largest IT graduate employer, FDM Group, is seeking to combat the problem by offering graduates top tips for avoiding graduate employer scams.

∑     Donít rely on internet forums

There will always be disgruntled ex-employees who vent their anger across various internet forums so donít rely on these. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

∑     Look at the companyís media coverage

Research the company by googling them and picking out relevant media coverage. If a graduate recruiter has featured within a range of well-known publications they can almost certainly be trusted.

∑     Check for awards and accreditations

To receive credible awards companies have to go through a vigiorous selection process, which should uncover any scams and wrongdoings. You can also check if a company is legitimate by finding out if they have been accredited by relevant industry bodies. For IT firms check with the Learning and Performance Institute (formerly the IITT) or BCS.

∑     Avoid roles that require payment for training

If a company is investing in you by enrolling you on their graduate programme, they should be willing to cover your training costs. Ultimately a graduate employer would not be taking you on if they didnít feel they could ultimately recuperate these costs through your work.

∑     Donít apply for jobs that donít require a face to face interview

Do not apply for jobs that promise high rates of pay without qualifications and a face-to-face interview. If you are taking on a role you should always meet the employer in person and visit the offices.

∑     Ask around

Ask your university careers centre about the company or the scheme. If they havenít heard of the company they can advise you on the best possible ways to check them out. You could also try asking your friends and family but be weary as unfounded rumours do tend to circulate. The firm may also have facebook and Linkedin groups which you could use to ask current or past employees about their experiences with the company.

∑     Read the contract

This may sound obvious but if you are presented with a contract make sure you pick through it with a fine toothcomb. If there are any areas you are unsure of make sure you ask an employee about these before you sign the document.

∑     Visit the companyís offices

Ask the company if you can go along to their offices for an informal visit and make sure you meet employees who have gone through the graduate programme.

∑     Ensure the company is financially stable

Before you take on a graduate role make sure the company is financially stable and growing. The last thing you want is to be made redundant a few months down the line because the company has gone into liquidation. Join a company that is growing and experiencing financial success.

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