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News Story:

Careers at M&G


Why join M&G?

We go out of our way to attract, retain and develop a diverse pool of talent. We believe that by building the capability of employees from varied backgrounds and helping them reach their full potential, M&G is better placed to generate new ideas and products to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Our graduate schemes are fast track programmes for future business leaders. You will follow a unique training programme which is structured to provide you with the skills you will need to make the most of your potential.

A position on the graduate programme can offer you a constant stream of fresh challenges, so you’ll always be stretching yourself and learning new skills. What’s more, you will be part of a culture that rewards high performance with financial incentives and increased opportunities.

We’re flexible enough to accommodate the most ambitious of career aspirations, offering training that’s tailored to your personal needs with maximum exposure to a breadth of business areas.


M&G employee Davinder Kaur explains what it's like to work for the company:

Current position: Release Manager
M&G Team: Release Control, Release Management (Information Systems)
University: Aston University
Degree: BSc Hons Business Administration & Computer Science

What was your motivation in applying?

Having worked in the Financial Services industry for my Placement Year, I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic work environment. Therefore I decided to find a graduate job in the same industry. Having graduated in the midst of the recession, there were many struggling companies who closed their doors to graduates. However, M&G demonstrated strong performance and had maintained a good reputation throughout. The company was looking for graduates so seemed like the natural choice. My ideal role is one that involves combining an understanding of technology and business. Although working in Business Change would have allowed me to do this, I applied for the Information Systems role as I prefer the emphasis on technology.

What was involved?

I found the job online and applied immediately. I was then required to take two online tests - verbal and numerical. Having passed these, I was invited for a first round interview with HR and an IS Manager. The final stage was an assessment day which included a number of activities such as a presentation, interview and group exercise.

What are you up to now?

Throughout my time at the company I have been involved in both technical upgrades and also business opportunity realisation projects. Each type of project has its own risks/issues and so I have been given ample opportunity to develop my skills and challenge myself.

What’s your verdict?

The culture at M&G is a unique one. It is one that presents learning opportunities at every corner but also one that will support you every step of the way; this is perfect for a graduate. Throughout my time at M&G, I have been supported on both a personal and professional level.

To say I enjoy my role would be an understatement; it has great variety which means I am constantly presented with challenges. This gives me the opportunities to progress hence maintaining my passion for the job and industry. 

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