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The London Graduate Fair


The London Graduate Fair The London Graduate Fair from The Careers Group and will take place on Tuesday 18 October 2011 at the Business Design Centre 12pm-6pm

The London Graduate Fair has been helping people launch and develop their careers for over 30 years. So how can we help you?

Meeting the right people

The majority of job-seeking is now done online, but the advantage of coming to the fair is that you get to meet the recruitment teams from the companies you are interested in applying to.

This is a unique opportunity to get the information you want to know, not what their website tells you. You can make a lasting impression, putting yourself ahead of other candidates. In the current climate that could make all the difference.

If you're a bit shy about approaching exhibitors, don't worry - they are there to help you. Here are some tips:

1) As you approach, make eye contact so they are ready to talk to you

2) If they are busy, don't be afraid to stay a close distance so they know you are waiting

3) If you know what sort of job you are looking for, tell them and ask if they have anything similar

4) If you don't, tell them your academic (and professional) background and ask them what they have to offer

5) Don't forget to exchange contact details should you wish to ask some more questions or submit an application

Dress to Impress

Remember how important it is to create a good first impression. Some careers advisers may advise you to wear a suit as if you were attending a formal interview, some say smart casual is enough. Whatever you wear, make sure your clothes are clean and presentable and you feel comfortable - pulling or tugging at your suit after a few hours walking around the fair is not going to present you in a very positive, confident light. Wear what you think will make you look professional and smart. Why are we so sure? We've heard it straight from the horse's mouth, as Vince Curran, graduate programme manager at CPA Global explains:

"We will be looking out for how graduates dress for the fair. Even though we will be business casual it is still important that they remember they are trying to impress an employer, and the way they present themselves is a shop window to their future career.


Don't forget to bring plenty of CVs to the fair to hand out to the companies you are interested in. They may not accept them as job applications but they will at least have your contact details should they want to speak to you further. You can of course also take it to our CV Advice zone to get it checked for free by a professional careers adviser.

Plan your Day

Exhibitors, presentations, workshops, Application Form checks, C2 appointments... With so many services available at the fair you should try to plan your day in advance to make sure you can squeeze everything in.