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European Day of Languages


European Day of Languages Queen’s University Belfast  is leading the way in celebrating the European Day of Languages (EDL) on 26 September.  The day, which is in its tenth year, aims to celebrate the many languages that are spoken by all people currently living and working in Europe and the rich and diverse cultures that lie behind them.

The Northern Ireland Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (NICILT), based in Queen’s University’s School of Education, is responsible for co-ordinating and promoting the day in Northern Ireland.

Wendy Phipps, NICILT Executive Officer, said: "We have been celebrating European Day of Languages in Northern Ireland since 2002, and every year it gets bigger and better.   We aim to get everyone excited about languages and encourage learning about different languages and cultures.  Whether it is through competitions, parties, food markets, plays or dancing we want to encourage everyone, young and old regardless of ability to get involved with languages.

"We’re particularly keen to receive suggestions of exciting ideas for fun ways to celebrate language learning this year and would encourage anyone with an interest in languages to do something special on the day. If there is nothing planned in your area, why not arrange your own celebration to get people in your community excited about languages.

"With the Special Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2012 our country will be host to athletes and spectators from more than 220 countries across the globe so this is the ideal time to embrace learning about different languages and cultures.”

This year, the 10th birthday of EDL, is being celebrated in on Friday 23rd September at Lagan College, which itself is celebrating its 30th birthday.  A special EDL assembly, which will also be attended by invited guests, pupils and staff, will celebrate the diversity of the languages and cultures present in their school through song, prayers, talks and video.

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