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Employment in the UK


Ready For Workí Campaigners (UK)


Who are you and why are you running this campaign?

I'm Hafsah, 17 and from Leicester, going into my second year of A levels; studying Maths, Politics, Economics and Chemistry. I've followed Battlefront since Series 1 and have met some of the campaigners and always thought to myself, Ďwow wouldn't it be amazing if I could run my own campaign?!í I applied last year but never followed it through. Finally, all my voluntary work and experience in politics led me to apply, with Joseph, for Series 3. I've always wanted to inspire other people in the way that I've been inspired to act on issues that I care about most.


What was the first cause that you ever felt passionate about and why? Did you do anything about it?

Back in summer 2009, I woke up one day and decided that I was going to find something exciting to do with my time off. I found a summer camp run by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and was successful in being chosen to attend. It was a life changing week in which I found a passion for campaigning on human rights (particularly children's rights). From then on, I presented at seminars, made films, hosted a youth conference, participated in debates and held a whole school assembly all on this topic.


Why is your campaign something that you feel passionate about

I feel hugely passionate about this campaign because I have always felt strongly about giving young people a voice. I've finally found an amazing platform to do so! The particular issue of youth unemployment is something I also feel very strongly about. I have a huge passion for Politics & Economics and would love to pursue this at university and further my knowledge but the fact is, the same thought constantly crosses my mind, what is the point in getting a degree when I may not be able to get a job?! Is it really worth the debt when a job isn't guaranteed? What worries me even more is that I have always luckily had good support in my education and careers help. But what about the lost generation who may not be at school or who have been hunting for a job for months on end? I want to make sure that every young person gets the opportunities that they deserve and the best way to do this is to show employers that our generation is full of a diverse range of talent that is being missed out on!


Have you ever campaigned on this subject before?

I have never campaigned on the issue of youth unemployment. However, the underlying problem, I feel, is that we need to build young people's aspirations and hopes and help them believe that they can achieve what they want to in life. So in that sense, all my voluntary work and past experience in campaigning has been with this view at the front of my mind.


What are you hoping to achieve through battlefront?

First and foremost, I genuinely believe that if we don't create a huge cultural shift in the way that we think and the way that young people are portrayed and viewed, we will be lost in coming years. At the end of the day, we are the future. We are the next generation of doctors, teachers, and scientists so we need to have strong foundations from the start.


I love meeting new people and finding new interests so I'm also hoping to make some good friends out of this, as well as developing as a person, and building my confidence further.


Are you enjoying it? What do you think about the experience of being a battlefront campaigner?

I am absolutely enjoying my time as a Battlefronter. It has, without a doubt, been the best summer yet. I finally feel like I am making a difference that will affect all young people and hopefully help them too. The endless opportunities that have come from this have been incredible; like being mentored by the Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs and meeting with politicians, interviewing celebrities, campaigning at music festivals. The list goes on. I'm so glad that we applied and were successful because it's been one amazing journey, and I hope the campaign leaves some kind of legacy behind.


Why is Battlefront an important project?

It is a young person's right to voice their opinion and be heard. Fact. Therefore, a project like Battlefront is hugely important to give young people like me a platform to make change on an issue that I am passionate and care about. The support from the Battlefront team, celebrities, politicians and mentors is brilliant. Most of all, these campaigns will create HUGE awareness about the issues that may be affecting more people than we know!






Who are you and why are you running this campaign?

My name is Joseph Hayat. Iím 18 and from Lincolnshire. Iíve just completed my A-Levels and Iím currently on a gap year to campaign; on Battlefront, but also through my role as a serving Member of Youth Parliament.

Iím running this campaign with Hafsah as I believe that youth unemployment is the biggest issue facing our generation. As a young person growing up in the worst recession since WWII, itís been extremely difficult to find a career path that is sustainable, despite being involved with a variety of projects and organizations across all three sectors. In light of this, Iím desperate to see young people be provided with far more opportunities.


What was the first cause that you ever felt passionate about and why? Did you do anything about it?

Living in rural Lincolnshire with very little opportunities for young people, I became deeply frustrated at just how boring it was. I was a young person growing up in an area with no activities, entertainment or opportunities. In light of this, I decided to run in the UK Youth Parliament elections in order for me to channel my energy into making a positive contribution. My passion to make a difference led me to being elected and Iíve since been able to campaign on improving the area and help to create opportunities for the young people I represent.


Why is your campaign something that you feel passionate about?

Youth unemployment is something every young person can relate to. Itís a huge issue thatís restricting all of us from pursuing our dreams. Iím desperate to see many more young people reach their full potential, believe in themselves, and be given the opportunities they deserve. Itís about time our society believed in the hundreds of thousands of young people in this country and gave them the opportunity they deserve. I want to be part of helping to ensure that this comes into fruition.



Have you ever campaigned on this subject before?

Never. However, having campaigned to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment amongst young people I truly believe more than ever that the key to overcoming this issue is building young peopleís aspirations. Itís also key to get employers to recognize the talent of todayís youth.


What are you hoping to achieve through battlefront?

Working with battlefront, I truly hope to create massive amounts of awareness and attention to the issue. I want to help to inspire and spark change for the better. Youth unemployment often pops ups in the news but fails to be taken seriously both by the government and societyÖthis has got to change!

Aside from the campaign, Iíd love to progress through working with Battlefront. I want to try and have a greater say, and become an influential campaigner on issues that affect young people most.


Are you enjoying it? What do you think about the experience of being a battlefront campaigner?

Iíve thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a battlefront campaigner so far. Itís a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really feel that weíre on our way to make a massive difference. Itís a nonstop, exciting journey that is fun and a real privilege to be part of


Why is Battlefront an important project?

Battlefront is a very important project as itís the only way we can truly promote the severity of this issue. Weíre fortunate with Battlefront to be able to work on a massive scale with the help of an excellent team and celebrities.


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 Battlefront is back on T4 Sundays from 18th September.