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IT graduate jobs Following the revelation that the IT industry is slipping deeper into the crisis of a severe skills shortage, FDM Group, affirms that graduate recruitment may offer a solution.
According to the latest e-skills Labour Market Bulletin the number of IT and Telecoms professionals seeking work between October and December last year fell by 12% to 95,000.
In contrast the number of advertised vacancies within the industry rose by 4% to 105,000, leading to a potential labour shortfall of around 10,000.
FDM Group CEO, Rod Flavell, said, "As the economy becomes increasingly reliant on the IT industry, the job opportunities the sector can offer will continue to grow. However unless suitable candidates are found for these positions the IT skills shortage will inevitably worsen and affect the productivity of every other industry. We believe that graduate recruitment offers a viable solution to this crisis.”
FDM has been working to combat the IT skills shortage for over 20 years by offering talented IT graduates a route into the industry through its award winning graduate programme.
A major obstacle for IT graduates is the requirement of technical skills and commercial experience from the vast majority of IT employers.
FDM is renowned for providing a combination of the two and has kick-started the careers of over 2,500 IT professionals to date.
FDM IT Consultant, Rajiv Vadgama, said, "After University I applied for a fair few roles directly and unfortunately my application was denied. However FDM provided me technical training and through its established relationships with these companies, helped me get my foot in the door. I am now working in an intense support role at the global headquarters of a tier one investment bank. To be quite honest, an opportunity like this would not have been easily available to me without FDM.”
FDM is seeking to reduce the IT skills shortage by delivering a steady flow of fresh talent into the IT industry.
As the UK’s largest IT graduate employer, the company aims to recruit 1,000 candidates this year and has already recruited over 600.
FDM Recruitment Manager, Madeleine Field, said, "By supplying the IT industry with a pool of talented, qualified and experienced graduates we hope to reduce the current threat of an IT skills shortage whilst simultaneously supporting  university leavers by providing them with a route into a highly lucrative industry.”
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