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Ethical recruitment


Ethical and innovative recruitment company bridges gap between talented graduates and dissatisfied employers


Open Society, a network for young people and graduates at the start of their career, has launched an ethical and innovative recruitment service tailored to SME’s and start up’s, offering a unique try before you buy package.  


Launched in response to the rising number of unemployed graduates, and the recent figures from Edge Education charity stating that 1 in 6 employers are unhappy with the skills and competencies of current graduates, Open Society set themselves up as a social enterprise with the aim of supporting these talented young people in learning vital workplace skills whilst they search for a job in the industry they love.


Their new recruitment service is specifically aimed at SME’s and start-ups, offering companies the chance to take on candidates as paid interns for up to 12 weeks before having to make any decision to take them on as full time employees. Andrew Williams, Seventeen Events says "Open Society’s package suited us fantastically. We knew we needed someone quickly, but weren’t in a position to risk investing in someone without seeing their skills at work first. We were very happy with the candidate Open Society selected for us - we took them on as a paid intern and she now has a permanent contract.”


Offering skills workshops, project support and mentoring with industry professionals, Open Society membership helps people in their 20’s to learn valuable workplace skills, from clear communication and time management to social media marketing and web development. Their platform has become a go-to place for young people who want to continue gaining experience through project work, and has racked up thousands of members interested in collaborating on projects and getting internships and jobs.


Tom Rendell, one of 3 founders of Open Society says ""Today there are more and more ambitious and motivated young people who are determined to do more than just follow conventional routes towards employment and skill development. They’re smart – they know they need to do a little bit extra to get the job they really want. We understand the plight of both employer and graduate and want to bridge that gap; by supporting people in their twenties to start and deliver their own projects with their peers, our members gain confidence and valuable experience in communication skills, time management, strategic thinking – skills which we know employers feel are lacking in graduates, and are adding to the highly competitive journey for graduates applying for jobs.


We use the term projects purposely as it connotes a start and finish. We have experienced first hand the positive effect of delivering your own project – not only that it broadens your abilities, but it builds confidence and motivation through a sense of ownership. These projects ensure our members keep feeding their ambition, remaining motivated, hard working and skilled for the job they want to secure.