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The explosive growth of social networks like Facebook and Twitter has changed the way in which big and small brands interact with their customers. Over half of the businesses in the UK have some form of social media presence (and this number continues to grow). With the advent of this new customer support / marketing / sales channel, jobs in social media are now cropping up at big and small brands. So what skills are required to bag a job in social media? 

Most companies will have a pretty good of what they are looking for. Social media experience isn't always critical (but helps), what they will want to see is some sort of online presence (blog, decent twitter account, active in forums etc.). Before you apply for a job in social media, it's important to "scrub" your online profile and prepare yourself and your "personal brand" on every public social platform. Make sure all of your social profiles are clean, current, appealing and busy. You want to show the hiring company that you know exactly what you are doing. Here'a a few tips on how to do that on 3 of the top social networks:


- Keep your profile attractive and open to the public. Show that you have nothing to hide. 

- Post links to topical, relevant articles in your news feed (but make sure you blend this with human stuff too!)

- Delete and untag yourself from embarrassing photos!

- Keep your "info tab" up to date with interesting, relevant things you've been doing. 


- If you don't have a twitter account, create one. Make sure your twitter handle is memorable and easy to understand. 

- Use a respectable, clean-cut photo of yourself. But don't be too straight laced. Employers want characters too! 

- Create a customised background that shows links to more about yourself, your interests and your social sphere. 

- Keep your twitter profile public and don't come across as hiding any information


- If you don't have a blog in 2011, that's ok, but there should be some sort of platform that is branded by you and that is updated on a daily basis (like Tumblr) 

- Make your blog compelling, awesome and personal. Show evidence on the blog that you have lots of readers (use tools like feedburner, alexa and site stats)

Article written by Carlo Pandian, Community Manager for Adzuna