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Gap year opportunities


Gap year opportunities  Great opportunity for unsuccessful University Applicants
A charity which offers paid gap year internships is keeping its doors open to help some of the many university applicants who find they don’t have a university place this year, having failed to meet their offered grades. EDT’s ‘The Year in Industry’ programme specialises in placing students on a working gap year with leading engineering, technology or science companies.  It is anticipating that many of the students who find themselves with an unexpected gap year, and the prospect of much higher student fees next year, will find ‘The Year in Industry’ an excellent alternative.

Chris Ward, National Director of the Year in Industry for EDT says,

"Due to the high level of university applicants, there is likely to be less flexibility through the UCAS system than there has been in previous years. Students, who in other circumstances would have found an alternative university place, may find themselves with an unplanned gap year on their hands.

The Year in Industry normally recruits during the summer, and we would therefore expect to close our doors to applicants at ‘A’ level results time.  However, because of the special circumstances this year, we are keeping available opportunities with leading science and engineering companies, whereby students will be able to get good career experience and typically earn between £10,000 and £15,000 over the year. Students will have to act quickly because these positions will need to be filled in the early autumn, but securing a place will provide them with a marvellous opportunity to use their unforeseen gap year in a way which will enhance their future careers.”

In a recent survey of alumni from ‘ The Year in Industry’ who are now at university, 97% said that the year had made them more employable, 94% said it had helped them decide on their future career and 94% said they would recommend "The Year in Industry” to ‘A’ level school leavers.

Ward says,

"Good science and engineering students who find themselves without a 2011 university place must dust themselves down quickly and try for a place on ‘The Year in Industry’. If the experience of others is any guide, they may well look back on their university rejection as opening the door to an opportunity that they would otherwise have missed.”

More information on The Year in Industry can be found at  , email