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Careers competition London,July 2011 How do you feel about your work? Human resource consultancy, Mercer, has launched a creative word competition to get people thinking about their experiences at work.
Anyone can enter for the chance to win a new Apple iPad or BlackBerry® PlayBook. Participants need only submit "Six Words about Work”, and winners will be selected on the basis of their submission’s creativity, quality and relevance.

Mercer has launched the contest in partnership with SMITH Magazine, a U.S.-based online magazine devoted to storytelling in all its forms, and the home of Six-Word Memoirs©.  Entries should be made via the SMITH website. Four topics will be featured in turn over the coming weeks, finishing in late August, and participants can enter for one or more phases. The contest topics are:
  •       Why I do what I do
  •       What inspires my very best work
  •       The best boss I ever had
  •       Biggest lesson I learned at work

The contest will be held in the US, UK and Canada. Each country will have four winners, one for each phase of the contest, selected by a panel of judges. Winners will be notified on or around September 1, 2011. Complete rules are available at .

Judges will be well-known authors and experts on work-related issues, including Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project; Anne Ruddy, President of WorldatWork; Tony Schwartz, author of Be Excellent At Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live; and David Allen, author of Getting Things Done.

The best submissions from each of the three countries in each category will appear in a book co-published by Mercer and SMITH Magazine later in 2011. Each participant whose submission is included will receive a free copy of the book.

"We are excited and proud to be part of the highly regarded Six-Word Memoir Series,” said Steve Faigen, Enterprise Research and Marketing Leader at Mercer. "Sponsoring ‘Six Words About Work’ is part of our way of bringing to life in very personal, creative and tangible ways how employees feel about their work experience.

"The end goal, of course, is to help employers better connect and engage their workforce in order to leverage the true competitive advantage in the world today – human talent.”

Larry Smith, founder of SMITH Magazine, added: "In nearly five years of creating Six-Word Memoir projects, with nearly half a million submissions, it’s clear that the common denominator about what spurs people to participate in a topic is passion.”

"In today’s world, work has never been more personal and complex. Distilling one’s work life down to its essence will prove to be popular, addictive and a perfect place for the series to go.”

The Six Words About Work contest is designed to draw attention to a Mercer client outreach programme aimed at helping employers to improve employee engagement, a crucial driver of business success. As part of Mercer’s campaign, "Inside Employees' Minds: Navigating the New Rules of Engagement,” the contest puts a human face on the work experience and provides insight into what motivates and drives today’s workers. For more information about the programme, visit