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FDM Group and UBS offer graduates an insight into Investment Banking

As part of its ongoing commitment to combating the IT skills shortage, FDM Group has been encouraging more graduates to consider a career in IT, by hosting a series of free taster training sessions.

The UK’s largest IT graduate employer is now taking things one-step further by running a session which will highlight how graduates can break into investment banking and why IT is so vital to this industry.

To ensure that guests will receive valuable first hand knowledge, FDM has invited a guest speaker from UBS Global Investment Bank along to share his experiences.

The session will also focus on the career paths available to graduates seeking to break into the competitive industry and will provide a detailed picture of the options available.

Transitioning from student life into the competitive world of investment banking is also a challenging step and the session aims to prepare graduates for this by explaining what they can expect.

FDM’s ‘Working in IT in Investment Banking’ session is completely commitment free and will take place on Tuesday 5th July at the company’s Academy in London Bridge.

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