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Socially responsible microcredit


GDF SUEZ launches intranet site devoted to socially responsible microcredit

GDF SUEZ is launching the first intranet site devoted to socially responsible microcredit, a platform developed in cooperation with MicroWorld with which the Group is associated as a founding partner.

The new site,, brought online in conjunction with Microcredit Week, offers the Groupís 218,000 employees for the first time the opportunity through solidarity microcredit to help create and develop viable, long-term micro-businesses throughout the world.

By providing its employees an opportunity to become active in the fight against poverty, GDF SUEZ seeks to encourage the numerous initiatives of local entrepreneurs. Through this new site, Group employees are able to select the projects of entrepreneurs they wish to support, based on their personal preferences. Their aid takes the form of 0% loans in minimum amounts of 20 euros, repayable in 6 to 18 months, which they may then choose to reinvest at maturity. The loans are guaranteed by local Microfinance institutions that have identified the micro-entrepreneurs.

Through this new intranet site, employees are kept informed of the latest news about microfinance and how it operates. The platform is organized as a social network and thus offers users the possibility of creating groups and communicating as a community.

"Since 2006, our partnership with GDF SUEZ, shows a great complementarity between our values and our methods. MicroWorld will also associate all employees of GDF SUEZ with this ethical partnership", declared Jacques Attali, President of PlaNet Finance.

For Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO of GDF SUEZ, this project fits naturally with the Groupís corporate social responsibility policy: "I believe it is essential to establish co-development processes and develop entrepreneurial initiative. A Group such as ours should support the universal values of solidarity and mutual assistance. This is a natural commitment that is intimately tied to our activities.Ē

GDF SUEZ, a world leader in energy and environment, plays an active role in the development of areas where it is located. For many years the Group has encouraged and supported community-based initiatives and individuals motivated to serve the public interest, in particular social initiatives in favor of underprivileged populations. These initiatives are part of a long-term corporate giving policy whose objective is to support partners over an extended period.

Since 2006, GDF SUEZ has participated with PlaNet Finance reducing poverty. The objectives here are to favor the development of more environment-friendly micro-businesses, to raise environmental awareness and involvement of microfinance institutions, and to propose suitable financial models.

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