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The International University of Monaco enters the European e-learning market

March 2011The International University of Monaco, part of the French group INSEEC, will begin offering online courses as part of its Executive MBA programme as of 2012. Participants will benefit from the expertise of the American group Career Education Corporation (CEC), INSEEC’s parent group, which is one of the three largest providers of online education in the world, with more than 47,000 online students.
"We’ve got enough perspective today to note that e-learning is as efficient as traditional learning, especially when online sessions are combined with face-to-face classes,” said Isabelle Pomerol, Director of Operations at INSEEC.
Several students from the INSEEC group tested finance and marketing classes offered by the CEC (AIU Online) online last summer rated the experience as positive.  They appreciated the interactivity, the richness of the virtual library (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and online tutoring assuring a personalized approach.
"We’re convinced that the success of e-learning depends intrinsically on the quality of content – and in particular on the pertinence of defined learning goals and the academic level of the professor in charge of the content – not just on technological performance. Related services, tutoring in particular, and intelligent access to information is also very important,” said Pomerol.
As of 2012, the INSEEC group will allow students enrolled in IUM’s Executive MBA programme to utilize CEC’s newest e-learning platform. The students will have access to modules developed by both IUM professors responsible for the EMBA programme and American engineering teams. For IUM’s new dean, Antonella Patras, "bringing together IUM’s academic excellence with the know-how of CEC’s multimedia designers, gives us a spectacular leap forward compared to our current distance learning.”
Other schools in the INSEEC Group will progressively enrich their programmes through the creation of online programmes and specific modules. Areas in which the group already has a strong expertise namely, Luxury Business, International Affairs, Retail and Wine, will be most impacted in the short term.