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Job opportunities in Europe


Job opportunities in Europe European City Focus

So you're thinking of living and working abroad ? but how do you choose where to go? Ronita Dutta assesses the merits of five European destinations

Europe is simply teeming with interesting opportunities for the discerning graduate and there's plenty to think about aside from climate, convenience and cost. Whether you're looking to be immersed in the vibrant all-singing all-dancing culture of Barcelona or alternatively, are drawn to the less hectic, scenic and sophisticated charms of cities like Gothenburg or Brussels, below we take a look at what some of Europe's most captivating cities have to offer.

Located on Sweden's west coast, Gothenburg is the country's second largest city after Stockholm and its leading port
and commercial centre.

Work opportunities
International companies including SKF, Ericsson and Astra Zeneca are located there while Swedish car manufacturing company Volvo is the city's largest employer. Much of the Scandinavian petrochemical industry
also operates from the region.
The currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK). It's not the cheapest of cities; the average price of a beer is around 45 SEK (€5). A moderate two-bedroom furnished flat in the outer districts costs around 6750 SEK €750 per month.

Culture and nightlife
The city's not short of trendy bars, nightspots and fancy eateries. Culturally, there's plenty to take in; most notably the recently constructed opera house as well as art museums and historic castles.

Arguably the most picturesque city in
Europe and with an emerging economy,
the Hungarian capital city has lots to recommend itself.

Work opportunities
Major industries are tourism, metals, mining, construction, processed foods, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and car manufacture (Volvo, Saab and Ford). It is also home to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology - the EU's flagship education institute designed to assist innovation, research and growth. Vodaphone, Telenor, General Electric, Erste Bank, CIB Bank, ING and Allianz all have offices there.

The official currency is the forint (HUF).
Still relatively cheap by European standards, a pint of beer costs about 550 HUF (€2) while the monthly rental of a basic one-bedroom apartment is approximately 10,0000 HUF (€360).

Culture and nightlife
Whether you're into opera or disco,
Budapest offers it all, alongside an eclectic mix of restaurants. During the summer months it is also something of an al fresco party destination.

This cosmopolitan city - Spain's second largest after Madrid is an enticing mix of tradition and the avant-garde.
Work opportunities
Nowadays, the service sector comprises the bulk of jobs. Construction, pharmaceuticals, cars, electronics, and appliance manufacturing are also among Barcelona's leading industries. Companies based there include Citibank, Avis, Transcom, Agilent and Deloitte. Engineers, architects, business managers and others with technical qualifications are frequently in demand too. Unemployment in Spain is currently high. It is advisable to secure a job before emigrating.

Relatively expensive, the average price of
a beer is around €3 and the rental price of a one-bedroom furnished flat in centre of town is approximately €700 per month.

Culture and nightlife
With its trendy tapas bars, authentic Catalan cuisine and dance clubs, Barcelona's nightlife is positively thrilling. Its stunning parks and architecture provide a beautiful backdrop to the city. There's a burgeoning art scene too.

Home to the EU's headquarters and often described as Europe's capital, Brussels is a city of contrasts with much to attract newcomers.

Work opportunities
Aside from administrative opportunities within the EU, Brussels' press and media sector is among the world's largest. Other leading industries include electronics, chemicals, aircraft and vehicle manufacture - Volkswagen, Toyota Motor and DaimlerChrysler all have offices there. Multi-national companies including Swift and Banksys have headquarters there too.

A little bit more on the pricey side: expect
to pay €4 on average for a beer. A one-bedroomed, furnished flat close to the town centre is around €800 per month.

Culture and nightlife
A hybrid of French and Flemish culture gives Brussels a distinctive edge. Cafés abound and cultural activities include theatre and opera.

Greece's ancient capital, nestled among the mountains, is certainly attractive. But with the economy in turmoil and high unemployment rates, securing a job could prove tricky though not impossible.

Work opportunities
Athens' main industry is agriculture, but the most important revenue stems from tourism with half of the workforce employed in the service sector. The remainder of jobs fall within the shipping, food, chemical and tobacco processing industries as well as textiles, construction, mining and petrol.

Prices may seem comparatively low, but then so are wages. A decent sized one bedroom studio rents for around €350 per month and the price of a beer is around €2.50.

Culture and nightlife
Steeped in history, Athens does not lack for cultural landscape from visiting the Acropolis to attending concerts, it's all there. And there's ample opportunity to sample some traditional Greeks hospitality at numerous tavernas and bars.