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Working in the Engineering sector


Working in the Engineering sector

Name Oliver Hermanns, Germany
Studied Mechanical engineering, specialising in automotive, at Fachhochschule Ruesselsheim, Germany
Role Research project manager (automotive engineering), Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Since graduating, Oliver Hermanns has worked for companies developing multi-body dynamics software. This allows engineers to create and test virtual versions of mechanical systems at a fraction of the cost of building them for real. His work has informed big names such as Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche, helping them to develop new suspensions systems and drivelines.

More recently, he has taken up a research position at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe's largest application-oriented research organisation. Here, he is responsible for managing research projects, mainly for automotive companies in areas such as multi-body dynamics, durability, non-linear structural mechanics and the development of advanced driving simulators.

"Fraunhofer offered me the chance to be an active part of a community which has a tremendous stake in future developments,' he says. "The work is innovative, and every project opens new possibilities. Fraunhofer has very good reputation in the industry and the skilled people working there are highly appreciated as consultants by automotive manufacturers. I intend to use the expertise of highly skilled colleagues to mature myself and become an expert.' His goal is to develop and build a new type of versatile augmented reality driving simulator - or VAR-Simulator - and eventually develop a spin-off company. This will offer new simulation technology for flexible cables and hoses developed at Fraunhofer, modified so it can be used in the worldwide market.