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Automotive jobs in Europe


Eurograduate spoke to Jack Doucet to find out what it takes to find a job in the Automotive industry...

Jack, Doucet, UK
Education Studied Automotive, ESTACA, France
Role CMM Support, Nissan International

Jack Doucet, a graduate working for Nissan within the company's European headquarters in Switzerland, followed his heart when pursuing potential employers, yet measured that with sound judgement.

"I decided I would work within the automotive industry at an early stage. After my A-levels, I entered an Engineering school specialising in automotive. Needless to say that was a passion-driven choice,' he recalls.

"At the end of it, I took internships at automotive-related companies. As usual, the last one is crucial as it is the longest one and the closest to your future job. Mine was at Nissan Europe within the sales and marketing department. After the internship, I had the opportunity to start my career in this company, a choice that is always easier to make when you had an experience with them.

As a young graduate, I saw many reasons to accept. First, it was the passion and skills; second to integrate into a worldwide manufacturer.' It's an exciting time to be working for a major global automaker right now too, as Doucet explains: "Nissan has decided to bet on EV and just launched a zero emission strategy. The result is the Leaf. In a market like EVs, you need to be among the first to ensure you take leadership before the market explodes.
Electric vehicles are definitely the future and I am proud to be working for Nissan. I can't wait to see the results in the coming year.'